Curvy  2.3.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCGDataReferenceSelectorAttributeCG Data Reference Selector Attribute
 CCGResourceCollectionManagerAttributeCG Resource Collection Attribute
 CCGResourceManagerAttributeCG Resource Attribute
 CConnectionHeadingEnumMethodsExtension methods of ConnectionHeadingEnum
 CCurvyCGEventCurvy Generator related event
 CCurvyCGEventArgsEventArgs for CurvyCGEvent events
 CCurvyConnectionConnection component
 CCurvyControlPointEventClass used by spline related events
 CCurvyControlPointEventArgsEventArgs used by CurvyControlPointEvent events
 CCurvyGizmoHelperCurvy Gizmo Helper Class
 CCurvyGlobalManagerCurvy Global Scene Manager component
 CCurvyShapeBase class for CurvyShape components
 CCurvyShape2DBase class for 2D Shapes
 CCurvyShapeInfoCurvyShape Info Attribute
 CCurvySplineCurvy Spline class
 CCurvySplineBaseBase class both CurvySpline and CurvySplineGroup derive from
 CCurvySplineEventClass used by spline related events
 CCurvySplineEventArgsEventArgs used by CurvySplineEvent events
 CCurvySplineGroupCurvy SplineGroup class
 CCurvySplineSegmentClass covering a Curvy Spline Segment / ControlPoint
 CCurvyUISplineSpline component that fits perfectly to uGUI Canvas
 CICurvyInterpolatableMetadataInterface for Metadata components that interpolate values
 CICurvyMetadataBase Interface for Metadata components
 CMetaCGOptionsCurvy Generator options Metadata class