Curvy  2.3.0
CurvyControlPointEventArgs Class Reference
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Detailed Description

EventArgs used by CurvyControlPointEvent events

Public Types

enum  ModeEnum { None, AddBefore, AddAfter, Delete }
 Event Mode More...

Public Attributes

readonly CurvySplineSegment ControlPoint
 Related Control Point More...
readonly ModeEnum Mode
 Determines the action this event was raised for More...
- Public Attributes inherited from CurvySplineEventArgs
readonly CurvySpline Spline
 The related spline More...
- Public Attributes inherited from CurvyEventArgs
readonly object Data
 Custom data More...
readonly MonoBehaviour Sender
 The component raising the event More...

Public Member Functions

 CurvyControlPointEventArgs (MonoBehaviour sender, CurvySpline spline, CurvySplineSegment cp, ModeEnum mode=ModeEnum.None, object data=null)
 CurvyControlPointEventArgs (CurvySpline spline)
 CurvyControlPointEventArgs ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CurvySplineEventArgs
 CurvySplineEventArgs (MonoBehaviour sender, CurvySpline spline, object data=null)
 CurvySplineEventArgs ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CurvyEventArgs
 CurvyEventArgs (MonoBehaviour sender, object data)

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from CurvyEventArgs
bool Cancel [get, set]

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ModeEnum

Event Mode


Send for events that are not related to control points adding or removal


Send when a Control point is added before an existing one


Send when a Control point is added after an existing one


Send when a Control point is deleted

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CurvyControlPointEventArgs ( MonoBehaviour  sender,
CurvySpline  spline,
CurvySplineSegment  cp,
ModeEnum  mode = ModeEnum.None,
object  data = null 

Member Data Documentation

readonly CurvySplineSegment ControlPoint

Related Control Point

readonly ModeEnum Mode

Determines the action this event was raised for

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