Curvy  4.1.0
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CCGBoundsGroupHelper class used by VolumeSpots and others
 CCGBoundsGroupItemHelper class used by VolumeSpots and others
 CCGDataData Base class
 CCGDataReferenceClass referencing a particular module's output slot
 CCGDataRequestParameterRequest Parameter base class
 CCGGameObjectPropertiesHelper class used by InputGameObject module
 CCGMaterialSettingsHelper class used by various Curvy Generator modules
 CCGMeshPropertiesHelper class used by InputMesh module
 CCGModuleLinkClass defining a linkage between two modules' slots
 CCGModulePropertiesCGModule helper class
 CCGModuleSlotClass defining a module slot
 CCGResourceHandlerResource Helper class used by Curvy Generator
 CCGUtilityCurvy Generator Utility class
 CConnectionHeadingEnumMethodsExtension methods of ConnectionHeadingEnum
 CCurvyGizmoHelperCurvy Gizmo Helper Class
 CCurvyUtilityCurvy Utility class
 CGLSlotDataHelper class used by CurvyGLRenderer
 CICGResourceCollectionResource Collection interface
 CICGResourceLoaderResource Loader Interface
 CICurvyInterpolatableMetadataInterface for Metadata components that interpolate values
 CICurvyMetadataBase Interface for Metadata components
 CIExternalInputFor modules that rely on external input (Splines, Meshes etc..)
 CINoProcessingFor modules that don't process anything
 CMovementDirectionMethodsExtension methods for MovementDirection
 CSamplePointsMaterialGroupA section of one or more patches, all sharing the same MaterialID
 CSerializedCurvySplineA wrapper to the CurvySpline class
 CSerializedCurvySplineSegmentSerialized Control Point
 CSpline2MeshClass to create a Mesh from a set of splines
 CSplinePolyLineSpline Triangulation Helper Class