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BuildVolumeSpots Class Reference
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Public Attributes

CGModuleInputSlot InBounds = new CGModuleInputSlot()
CGModuleInputSlot InPath = new CGModuleInputSlot()
CGModuleOutputSlot OutSpots = new CGModuleOutputSlot()
CGSpots SimulatedSpots
- Public Attributes inherited from CGModule
List< CGModuleLinkInputLinks = new List<CGModuleLink>()
List< CGModuleLinkOutputLinks = new List<CGModuleLink>()
CGModuleProperties Properties = new CGModuleProperties()
List< string > UIMessages = new List<string>()


int[] BoundsIndices [get]
GUIContent[] BoundsNames [get]
int Count [get]
float CrossBase [get, set]
AnimationCurve CrossCurve [get, set]
int FirstRepeating [get, set]
bool FitEnd [get, set]
int GroupCount [get]
List< CGBoundsGroupGroups [get, set]
int LastRepeating [get, set]
FloatRegion Range [get, set]
CurvyRepeatingOrderEnum RepeatingOrder [get, set]
bool Simulate [get, set]
bool UseVolume [get, set]
 If the source is a Volume you can choose if you want to use it's path or the volume More...
- Properties inherited from CGModule
bool Active [get, set]
bool CircularReferenceError [get, set]
 Whether this module has circular reference errors More...
bool Dirty [get, set]
CurvyGenerator Generator [get]
ModuleInfoAttribute Info [get]
List< CGModuleInputSlotInput [get]
Dictionary< string, CGModuleInputSlotInputByName [get]
virtual bool IsConfigured [get]
 Gets whether the module is properly configured i.e. has everything to work like intended More...
virtual bool IsInitialized [get]
 Gets whether the module and all its dependencies are fully initialized More...
string ModuleName [get, set]
CurvyCGEvent OnBeforeRefresh [get, set]
CurvyCGEvent OnRefresh [get, set]
List< CGModuleOutputSlotOutput [get]
Dictionary< string, CGModuleOutputSlotOutputByName [get]
bool RandomizeSeed [get, set]
int Seed [get, set]
int UniqueID [get]

Public Member Functions

CGBoundsGroup AddGroup (string name)
void Clear ()
override void OnStateChange ()
 Called when a module's state changes (Link added/removed, Active toggles etc..) More...
override void Refresh ()
 Add Module processing code in here More...
void RemoveGroup (CGBoundsGroup group)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGModule
Component AddManagedResource (string resourceName, string context="", int index=-1)
CGModule CopyTo (CurvyGenerator targetGenerator)
void Delete ()
void DeleteAllPrefabPools ()
void DeleteManagedResource (string resourceName, Component res, string context="", bool dontUsePool=false)
List< IPool > GetAllPrefabPools ()
CGModuleLink GetInputLink (CGModuleInputSlot inSlot, CGModuleOutputSlot outSlot)
List< CGModuleLinkGetInputLinks (CGModuleInputSlot inSlot)
CGModuleInputSlot GetInputSlot (string name)
List< CGModuleInputSlotGetInputSlots (System.Type filterType=null)
bool GetManagedResources (out List< Component > components, out List< string > componentNames)
CGModuleLink GetOutputLink (CGModuleOutputSlot outSlot, CGModuleInputSlot inSlot)
List< CGModuleLinkGetOutputLinks (CGModuleOutputSlot outSlot)
CGModuleOutputSlot GetOutputSlot (string name)
List< CGModuleOutputSlotGetOutputSlots (System.Type filterType=null)
void Initialize ()
bool IsManagedResource (Component res)
virtual void OnTemplateCreated ()
 Called after a module was copied to a template More...
void ReInitializeLinkedSlots ()
virtual void Reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGModule
virtual void Awake ()
PrefabPool GetPrefabPool (GameObject prefab)
CurvyCGEventArgs OnBeforeRefreshEvent (CurvyCGEventArgs e)
virtual void OnDestroy ()
virtual void OnDisable ()
virtual void OnEnable ()
CurvyCGEventArgs OnRefreshEvent (CurvyCGEventArgs e)
void RenameResource (string resourceName, Component resource, int index=-1)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from CGModule
static T GetRequestParameter< T > (ref CGDataRequestParameter[] requests)
 Gets a request parameter of a certain type More...
static void RemoveRequestParameter (ref CGDataRequestParameter[] requests, CGDataRequestParameter request)
 Removes a certain request parameter from the requests array More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGModule
CurvyCGEvent m_OnBeforeRefresh = new CurvyCGEvent()
CurvyCGEvent m_OnRefresh = new CurvyCGEvent()

Member Function Documentation

CGBoundsGroup AddGroup ( string  name)
void Clear ( )
override void OnStateChange ( )

Called when a module's state changes (Link added/removed, Active toggles etc..)

Reimplemented from CGModule.

override void Refresh ( )

Add Module processing code in here

Reimplemented from CGModule.

void RemoveGroup ( CGBoundsGroup  group)

Member Data Documentation

CGSpots SimulatedSpots

Property Documentation

int [] BoundsIndices
GUIContent [] BoundsNames
int Count
float CrossBase
AnimationCurve CrossCurve
int FirstRepeating
bool FitEnd
int GroupCount
List<CGBoundsGroup> Groups
int LastRepeating
FloatRegion Range
CurvyRepeatingOrderEnum RepeatingOrder
bool Simulate
bool UseVolume

If the source is a Volume you can choose if you want to use it's path or the volume

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