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CGBounds Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Bounds data class


Bounds Bounds [get, set]
float Depth [get]
- Properties inherited from CGData
virtual int Count [get]

Public Member Functions

 CGBounds ()
 CGBounds (Bounds bounds)
 CGBounds (CGBounds source)
override T Clone< T > ()
virtual void RecalculateBounds ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void Copy (CGBounds dest, CGBounds source)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGData
static implicit operator bool (CGData a)

Protected Attributes

Bounds mBounds

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CGData
string Name
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGData
int getGenericFIndex (ref float[] FMapArray, float fValue, out float frag)
 Searches FMapArray and returns the index that covers the fValue as well as the percentage between index and index+1 More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGBounds ( )
CGBounds ( Bounds  bounds)
CGBounds ( CGBounds  source)

Member Function Documentation

override T Clone< T > ( )

Reimplemented from CGData.

Reimplemented in CGGameObject, and CGVMesh.

static void Copy ( CGBounds  dest,
CGBounds  source 
virtual void RecalculateBounds ( )

Reimplemented in CGGameObject, and CGVMesh.

Member Data Documentation

Bounds mBounds

Property Documentation

Bounds Bounds
float Depth

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