Curvy  7.1.0
CGMeshResource Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Mesh Resource Component used by Curvy Generator


Collider Collider [get]
MeshRenderer Renderer [get]

Public Member Functions

bool ColliderMatches (CGColliderEnum type)
void OnAfterPop ()
void OnBeforePush ()
Mesh Prepare ()
void RemoveCollider ()
bool UpdateCollider (CGColliderEnum mode, bool convex, bool isTrigger, PhysicMaterial material, MeshColliderCookingOptions meshCookingOptions=MeshColliderCookingOptions.WeldColocatedVertices|MeshColliderCookingOptions.CookForFasterSimulation|MeshColliderCookingOptions.EnableMeshCleaning)
 Updates the collider if existing, and create a new one if not. More...

Member Function Documentation

bool ColliderMatches ( CGColliderEnum  type)
void OnAfterPop ( )
void OnBeforePush ( )
Mesh Prepare ( )
void RemoveCollider ( )
bool UpdateCollider ( CGColliderEnum  mode,
bool  convex,
bool  isTrigger,
PhysicMaterial  material,
MeshColliderCookingOptions  meshCookingOptions = MeshColliderCookingOptions.WeldColocatedVertices | MeshColliderCookingOptions.CookForFasterSimulation | MeshColliderCookingOptions.EnableMeshCleaning 

Updates the collider if existing, and create a new one if not.

modeThe collider's type
convexUsed only when mode is CGColliderEnum.Mesh
isTriggerIs the collider a Trigger
materialThe collider's material
meshCookingOptionsUsed only when mode is CGColliderEnum.Mesh

Property Documentation

Collider Collider
MeshRenderer Renderer

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