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CGModuleOutputSlot Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Class defining a module's output slot

Public Attributes

CGData[] Data = new CGData[0]
CGDataRequestParameter[] LastRequestParameters


bool HasData [get]
OutputSlotInfo OutputInfo [get]
- Properties inherited from CGModuleSlot
int Count [get]
 Gets the number of connected links, i.e. shortcut to this.Links.Count More...
Rect DropZone [get, set]
 Mouse-Hotzone More...
IExternalInput ExternalInput [get]
 Gets the module as an IExternalInput More...
SlotInfo Info [get, set]
 Gets the SlotInfo Attribute More...
bool IsLinked [get]
 Whether the link is wired or not More...
bool IsLinkedAndConfigured [get]
 Whether the link is wired and all connected modules are configured More...
List< CGModuleSlotLinkedSlots [get]
 All slots of linked modules More...
CGModule Module [get, set]
 The Module this Slot belongs to More...
string Name [get]
IOnRequestProcessing OnRequestModule [get]
 Gets the module as an IOnRequestProcessing More...
Vector2 Origin [get, set]
 Origin of Link-Wire More...
IPathProvider PathProvider [get]
 Gets the module as an IPathProvider More...

Public Member Functions

 CGModuleOutputSlot ()
void ClearData ()
T[] GetAllData< T > ()
GetData< T > ()
override void LinkTo (CGModuleSlot inputSlot)
void SetData (params CGData[] newData)
void SetData< T > (List< T > newData)
override void UnlinkFrom (CGModuleSlot inputSlot)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGModuleSlot
 CGModuleSlot ()
List< CGModuleGetLinkedModules ()
 Gets a list of all Links' modules More...
bool HasLinkTo (CGModuleSlot other)
void ReInitializeLinkedSlots ()
override string ToString ()
virtual void UnlinkAll ()

Protected Member Functions

override void LoadLinkedSlots ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGModuleSlot
static implicit operator bool (CGModuleSlot a)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from CGModuleSlot
static void LinkInputAndOutput (CGModuleSlot inputSlot, CGModuleSlot outputSlot)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGModuleSlot
List< CGModuleSlotmLinkedSlots = null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void ClearData ( )
T [] GetAllData< T > ( )
Type Constraints
T :CGData 
T GetData< T > ( )
Type Constraints
T :CGData 
override void LinkTo ( CGModuleSlot  inputSlot)

Reimplemented from CGModuleSlot.

override void LoadLinkedSlots ( )

Reimplemented from CGModuleSlot.

void SetData ( params CGData[]  newData)
void SetData< T > ( List< T >  newData)
Type Constraints
T :CGData 
override void UnlinkFrom ( CGModuleSlot  inputSlot)

Reimplemented from CGModuleSlot.

Member Data Documentation

CGData [] Data = new CGData[0]
CGDataRequestParameter [] LastRequestParameters

Property Documentation

bool HasData
OutputSlotInfo OutputInfo

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