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CGSpots Class Reference
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Detailed Description

A collection of CGSpot


override int Count [get]
CGSpot[] Points [get, set]
 List of spots More...
SubArray< CGSpotSpots [get, set]
 List of spots More...
- Properties inherited from CGData
virtual int Count [get]

Public Member Functions

 CGSpots ()
 CGSpots (params CGSpot[] points)
 CGSpots (SubArray< CGSpot > spots)
 CGSpots (List< CGSpot > spots)
 CGSpots (params List< CGSpot >[] spots)
 CGSpots (CGSpots source)
override T Clone< T > ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGData
void Dispose ()
 Disposes an instance that is no more used, allowing it to free its resources immediately. Dispose is called automatically when an instance is Finalized More...

Protected Member Functions

override bool Dispose (bool disposing)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGData
int getGenericFIndex (SubArray< float > FMapArray, float fValue, out float frag)
 Searches FMapArray and returns the index that covers the fValue as well as the percentage between index and index+1 More...

Additional Inherited Members

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string Name
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGData
static implicit operator bool (CGData a)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGSpots ( )
CGSpots ( params CGSpot[]  points)
CGSpots ( SubArray< CGSpot spots)
CGSpots ( List< CGSpot spots)
CGSpots ( params List< CGSpot >[]  spots)
CGSpots ( CGSpots  source)

Member Function Documentation

override T Clone< T > ( )

Reimplemented from CGData.

override bool Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Reimplemented from CGData.

Property Documentation

override int Count
CGSpot [] Points

List of spots

This getter returns a copy of the actual array. For performance reasons, use the equivalent getter returning a SubArray<T> instance, which allows you to directly access and modify the underlying array

SubArray<CGSpot> Spots

List of spots

Setting a new SubArray<T> will ArrayPool<T>.Free(ToolBuddy.Pooling.Collections.SubArray<T>) the current SubArray<T> instance

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