Curvy  8.3.0
SamplePointsMaterialGroup Class Reference

Detailed Description

A section of one or more patches, all sharing the same MaterialID

Public Attributes

int MaterialID
List< SamplePointsPatchPatches


int EndVertex [get]
int StartVertex [get]
int TriangleCount [get]
int VertexCount [get]

Public Member Functions

SamplePointsMaterialGroup Clone ()
 Returns a clone of the current instance. More...
void GetLengths (CGVolume volume, out float worldLength, out float uLength)
 SamplePointsMaterialGroup (int materialID)
 SamplePointsMaterialGroup (int materialID, List< SamplePointsPatch > patches)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SamplePointsMaterialGroup ( int  materialID)
SamplePointsMaterialGroup ( int  materialID,
List< SamplePointsPatch patches 

Member Function Documentation

Returns a clone of the current instance.

void GetLengths ( CGVolume  volume,
out float  worldLength,
out float  uLength 

Member Data Documentation

int MaterialID
List<SamplePointsPatch> Patches

Property Documentation

int EndVertex
int StartVertex
int TriangleCount
int VertexCount

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