Curvy  8.3.0
SerializedCurvySpline Class Reference
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Detailed Description

A wrapper to the CurvySpline class

Public Attributes

bool AutoEndTangents
float AutoHandleDistance
int BSplineDegree
int CacheDensity
bool CheckTransform
bool Closed
SerializedCurvySplineSegment[] ControlPoints
CurvyInterpolation Interpolation
bool IsBSplineClamped
float MaxPointsPerUnit
string Name
CurvyOrientation Orientation
Vector3 Position
bool RestrictTo2D
Vector3 Rotation
CurvyUpdateMethod UpdateIn
bool UsePooling
bool UseThreading

Public Member Functions

 SerializedCurvySpline ()
 SerializedCurvySpline ([NotNull] CurvySpline spline, CurvySerializationSpace space)
void WriteIntoSpline ([NotNull] CurvySpline deserializedSpline, CurvySerializationSpace space)
 Fills an existing spline with data from this instance More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SerializedCurvySpline ( [NotNull] CurvySpline  spline,
CurvySerializationSpace  space 

Member Function Documentation

void WriteIntoSpline ( [NotNull] CurvySpline  deserializedSpline,
CurvySerializationSpace  space 

Fills an existing spline with data from this instance

This method will dirty the spline

Member Data Documentation

bool AutoEndTangents
float AutoHandleDistance
int BSplineDegree
int CacheDensity
bool CheckTransform
bool Closed
SerializedCurvySplineSegment [] ControlPoints
CurvyInterpolation Interpolation
bool IsBSplineClamped
float MaxPointsPerUnit
string Name
CurvyOrientation Orientation
Vector3 Position
bool RestrictTo2D
Vector3 Rotation
bool UsePooling
bool UseThreading

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