Curvy  8.4.0
CurvyCGEventArgs Class Reference
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Detailed Description

EventArgs for CurvyCGEvent events

Public Attributes

readonly CurvyGenerator Generator
 The related CurvyGenerator More...
readonly CGModule Module
 The related CGModule More...
readonly MonoBehaviour Sender
 the component raising the event More...

Public Member Functions

 CurvyCGEventArgs (CGModule module)
 CurvyCGEventArgs (CurvyGenerator generator, CGModule module)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CurvyCGEventArgs ( CurvyGenerator  generator,
CGModule  module 

Member Data Documentation

readonly CurvyGenerator Generator

The related CurvyGenerator

readonly CGModule Module

The related CGModule

readonly MonoBehaviour Sender

the component raising the event

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