Curvy  8.4.0
CurvySplineDefaultValues Class Reference

Detailed Description

Here you can find all the default values for CurvySpline's serialized fields. If you don't find a field here, this means that it's type's default value is the same than the field's default value, except for CurvySpline.Interpolation which default value is user defined, see CurvyGlobalManager.DefaultInterpolation

Public Attributes

const bool AutoEndTangents = true
const float AutoHandleDistance = 0.39f
const int BSplineDegree = 2
const int CacheDensity = 50
const bool CheckTransform = true
const bool IsBSplineClamped = true
const float MaxPointsPerUnit = 8
const CurvyOrientation Orientation = CurvyOrientation.Dynamic
const CurvyUpdateMethod UpdateIn = CurvyUpdateMethod.Update
const bool UsePooling = true

Member Data Documentation

const bool AutoEndTangents = true
const float AutoHandleDistance = 0.39f
const int BSplineDegree = 2
const int CacheDensity = 50
const bool CheckTransform = true
const bool IsBSplineClamped = true
const float MaxPointsPerUnit = 8
const bool UsePooling = true

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