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CGDataRequestRasterization Class Reference
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Detailed Description

Rasterization Request parameters

Public Types

enum  ModeEnum { Even, Optimized }

Public Attributes

float AngleThreshold
 Angle resolution (0..100) for optimized mode More...
ModeEnum Mode
 Rasterization mode More...
float RasterizedRelativeLength
 Relative Length. A value of 1 means the full spline length More...
int Resolution
 Maximum number of samplepoints More...
float Start
 Relative Start Position (0..1) More...

Public Member Functions

 CGDataRequestRasterization (float start, float rasterizedRelativeLength, int resolution, float angle, ModeEnum mode=ModeEnum.Even)
 CGDataRequestRasterization (CGDataRequestRasterization source)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
override string ToString ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGDataRequestParameter
static implicit operator bool (CGDataRequestParameter a)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ModeEnum

Distribute sample points evenly spread


Use Source' curvation to optimize the result

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGDataRequestRasterization ( float  start,
float  rasterizedRelativeLength,
int  resolution,
float  angle,
ModeEnum  mode = ModeEnum.Even 

Member Function Documentation

override bool Equals ( object  obj)
override int GetHashCode ( )
override string ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

float AngleThreshold

Angle resolution (0..100) for optimized mode

ModeEnum Mode

Rasterization mode

float RasterizedRelativeLength

Relative Length. A value of 1 means the full spline length

int Resolution

Maximum number of samplepoints

float Start

Relative Start Position (0..1)

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