Curvy  8.4.0
CGModuleLink Class Reference

Detailed Description

Class defining a linkage between two modules' slots


int ModuleID [get]
string SlotName [get]
int TargetModuleID [get]
string TargetSlotName [get]

Public Member Functions

 CGModuleLink (int sourceID, string sourceSlotName, int targetID, string targetSlotName)
 CGModuleLink (CGModuleSlot source, CGModuleSlot target)
bool IsBetween (CGModuleSlot one, CGModuleSlot another)
bool IsFrom (CGModuleSlot s)
bool IsSame (CGModuleLink o)
bool IsSame (CGModuleSlot source, CGModuleSlot target)
bool IsTo (CGModuleSlot s)
bool IsUsing (CGModule module)
void SetModuleIDIINTERNAL (int moduleID, int targetModuleID)
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator bool (CGModuleLink a)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGModuleLink ( int  sourceID,
string  sourceSlotName,
int  targetID,
string  targetSlotName 
CGModuleLink ( CGModuleSlot  source,
CGModuleSlot  target 

Member Function Documentation

bool IsBetween ( CGModuleSlot  one,
CGModuleSlot  another 
bool IsFrom ( CGModuleSlot  s)
bool IsSame ( CGModuleLink  o)
bool IsSame ( CGModuleSlot  source,
CGModuleSlot  target 
bool IsTo ( CGModuleSlot  s)
bool IsUsing ( CGModule  module)
static implicit operator bool ( CGModuleLink  a)
void SetModuleIDIINTERNAL ( int  moduleID,
int  targetModuleID 
override string ToString ( )

Property Documentation

int ModuleID
string SlotName
int TargetModuleID
string TargetSlotName

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