Curvy  8.4.0
ScaleParameters Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class used as a container of Scaling parameters found in ScalingModule

Public Attributes

readonly ScaleMode ScaleMode
 ScalingModule.ScaleMode More...
readonly AnimationCurve ScaleMultiplierX
 ScalingModule.ScaleMultiplierX More...
readonly AnimationCurve ScaleMultiplierY
 ScalingModule.ScaleMultiplierY More...
readonly float ScaleOffset
 ScalingModule.ScaleOffset More...
readonly CGReferenceMode ScaleReference
 ScalingModule.ScaleReference More...
readonly bool ScaleUniform
 ScalingModule.ScaleUniform More...
readonly float ScaleX
 ScalingModule.ScaleX; More...
readonly float ScaleY
 ScalingModule.ScaleY More...

Public Member Functions

 ScaleParameters (ScaleMode scaleMode, CGReferenceMode scaleReference, bool scaleUniform, float scaleOffset, float scaleX, float scaleY, AnimationCurve scaleMultiplierX, AnimationCurve scaleMultiplierY)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScaleParameters ( ScaleMode  scaleMode,
CGReferenceMode  scaleReference,
bool  scaleUniform,
float  scaleOffset,
float  scaleX,
float  scaleY,
AnimationCurve  scaleMultiplierX,
AnimationCurve  scaleMultiplierY 

Member Data Documentation

readonly AnimationCurve ScaleMultiplierX
readonly AnimationCurve ScaleMultiplierY
readonly float ScaleOffset
readonly bool ScaleUniform
readonly float ScaleX


readonly float ScaleY

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