Curvy  8.4.0
SerializedCurvySplineSegment Class Reference

Detailed Description

Serialized Control Point

Public Attributes

bool AutoBakeOrientation
float AutoHandleDistance
bool AutoHandles
Vector3 HandleIn
Vector3 HandleOut
bool OrientationAnchor
Vector3 Position
Vector3 Rotation
CurvyOrientationSwirl Swirl
float SwirlTurns
bool SynchronizeTCB

Public Member Functions

 SerializedCurvySplineSegment ()
 SerializedCurvySplineSegment ([NotNull] CurvySplineSegment segment, CurvySerializationSpace space)
void WriteIntoControlPoint ([NotNull] CurvySplineSegment controlPoint, CurvySerializationSpace space)
 Fills an existing control point with data from this instance. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void WriteIntoControlPoint ( [NotNull] CurvySplineSegment  controlPoint,
CurvySerializationSpace  space 

Fills an existing control point with data from this instance.

Member Data Documentation

bool AutoBakeOrientation
float AutoHandleDistance
bool AutoHandles
Vector3 HandleIn
Vector3 HandleOut
bool OrientationAnchor
Vector3 Position
Vector3 Rotation
float SwirlTurns
bool SynchronizeTCB

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