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ControlPointOption Struct Reference
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Detailed Description

Rasterization helper

Public Attributes

float Distance
float FirstU
bool HardEdge
bool Include
int MaterialID
float MaxStepDistance
float SecondU
float TF
bool UVEdge
bool UVShift
 Also known as ExplicitU More...

Public Member Functions

 ControlPointOption (float tf, float dist, bool includeAnyways, int materialID, bool hardEdge, float maxStepDistance, bool uvEdge, bool uvShift, float firstU, float secondU)
bool Equals (ControlPointOption other)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator!= (ControlPointOption left, ControlPointOption right)
static bool operator== (ControlPointOption left, ControlPointOption right)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ControlPointOption ( float  tf,
float  dist,
bool  includeAnyways,
int  materialID,
bool  hardEdge,
float  maxStepDistance,
bool  uvEdge,
bool  uvShift,
float  firstU,
float  secondU 

Member Function Documentation

bool Equals ( ControlPointOption  other)
override bool Equals ( object  obj)
override int GetHashCode ( )
static bool operator!= ( ControlPointOption  left,
ControlPointOption  right 
static bool operator== ( ControlPointOption  left,
ControlPointOption  right 

Member Data Documentation

float Distance
float FirstU
bool HardEdge
bool Include
int MaterialID
float MaxStepDistance
float SecondU
float TF
bool UVEdge
bool UVShift

Also known as ExplicitU

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